Although there are measures taken to protect your privacy on this site, do not include any personal/identifying information in the titles, captions, or any other settings on the pages you generate. Anyone you share the links with will be able to see any information you include.

This documentation can be used for advanced customization of project sharing URLs. If you'd like to generate a link automatically, go to the home page.

Scratch Project Viewer's customizations are all specified as parameters at the end of the viewer page URL. To add parameters, add a pound sign/hashtag (#) to the end of the URL. Add the name of the parameter, an equal sign, and the value of the parameter. To specify multiple parameters, put an ampersand (&) before the name of the next parameter. See an example below:

At a minimum, you need to specify the project ID or the full project URL with the project parameter. If you're using the full URL, be sure to escape the non-URL-safe characters (see below).


Escaping characters

Some characters are not allowed in URLs and may confuse the browser if they're there. For these characters, certain codes are used in their place. For example, a space is represented by the code %20

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets both have a built in formula called ENCODEURL() to replace these characters automatically.

Generating links in bulk

If you'd like to generate many links at once, you can use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to turn a list of normal Scratch Project URLs into Scratch Project Viewer URLs. The formula below would create a Scratch Project Viewer link to view the project specified in cell A2. You can update the formula as necessary. Remember to escape characters for parameters (see above).


You can specify as many parameters as you'd like (full list below). For example:

=""&ENCODEURL(A2)&"&title="&ENCODEURL("My Cool Project")

You can use this Google Sheet as a starting point. To make your own copy, click "use template" in the top right corner.


Parameter Description Default
project (required) The URL or project ID of the project you'd like to share none
title The title at the top of the share page none
caption The description of the project you'd like to share, displayed below the embedded project none
width The width of the embedded project on the view page 480
height The height of the embedded project on the view page 360
ui Whether the controls for the project (start/pause/stop) should be shown true
autoStart Whether the project should start automatically (triggers green flag click). false
showDownload Whether the download button should be displayed on the sharing page. false
backgroundColor The background color for the project sharing page. Can be hex value or HTML color name #FFFFFF
textColor The text color for the project sharing page. Can be hex value or HTML color name #000000